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Who are we?

Art of the Winds is an artists' cooperative located in Pinedale, Wyoming featuring works from over 15 local creatives. As a collective team, these artists operate and manage the gallery themselves, keeping it stocked with pottery, paintings, drawings, jewelry, furniture, photography and more! Each time you visit, you have the opportunity to talk with one of the artists and learn about their creative process.

Elizabeth Boehm / Elizabeth Boehm Photography  •  Photography

Elizabeth is an avid bird watcher and photographer spending her free time hiking with binoculars and camera seeking a new and unique image in her viewfinder. Her photography is a personal adventure into the lives of wild birds and animals and she does her best to intrude as little as possible into their lives and fully respect their space if her presence is not tolerated. She works with a digital camera and several lenses, capturing the wildlife and nature that abounds here in Sublette County and the surrounding area. She prints, mats, and frames her own photographs using archival processes throughout which keeps the final product within her control.

Cristy Anspach / Stonefly Arts  •  Ceramics

Originally from Northern Colorado, Cristy has lived and worked in Wyoming since the early nineties. She teaches art in the public school system and loves being inspired by and creating with her young colleagues. She is inspired by the open spaces of the west and its contrasts, both visually and conceptually. She creates both two and three dimensional art from a variety of media. Functional stoneware pottery, handmade in Boulder, WY. Food, dishwasher, oven safe.

Debi Morley  •  Jewelry

Debi's mother put her in private art lessons when she was in fourth grade, and she was instantly hooked. Because her mother was always trying a new art hobby Debi was too. When she was 23, she and her mother started pottery lessons. Her mother stuck with pottery until she was 86, while DebiI just dabbled at pottery trying other mediums until 2003. That’s when she discovered silver smithing. She was working full time yet would go to Jackson Wyoming to the Art Association every weekend to take lessons. When she retired, Debi went to Portland Oregon to Multnomah Parks and Recreation to immerse in metal smithing and jewelry making for three months taking seven classes and two workshops from wonderful instructors. Next she went to Ghost Ranch in New Mexico to learn how to do inlay work and went back seven times to improve her skills and learn from other jewelers. Before returning to Wyoming, she went to Florence Italy to learn to work with gold with a retired gold smith. Debi teaches beginning and intermediate metal smithing at BOCES to share what she has learned and see what direction others go with their work. She still takes classes and workshops herself to improve and learn new skills. She also takes commission work from time to time to give herself new challenges. Debi doesn’t do production work and only uses higher quality material.

Delsa Allen / Reflections of the Winds  •  Photography

Delsa grew up in the Pinedale area with the Wind River Mountains to the north and the sage brush steep to the South. She founded her photography business shortly after collage and hasn’t stopped striving to share her connection with nature through her images. Delsa has been photographing landscapes and hidden views of nature in western Wyoming as long as she can remember, always finding new and refreshing ways of sharing her experience with nature through her images. Besides the countless images she has captured, depicting views of nature that are considered tradition landscape photography, Delsa has recently been gaining a reputation for producing stunning contemporary images of everyday landscapes, re-defining what landscape photography can be. Delsa has showcased her work through regional galleries and exhibits as well as regional street fairs. Her work has also been included in juried exhibits, regionally and nationally.

Jo Mack / Artist of the West  •  Paintings